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      Our company specializes in the manufacturing and supply of printed circuit boards to the global electronics industry for several years.She is located in AoBei industrial Zone, which is only 1-hour drive by car from the airdrome of SHENZHEN.
      Company's business philosophy is based on a innovative deployment of technology and exceptional customer service for many years. With a distinct accent on quality and delivery in time.she is today rated as the fastest and professional growing company in the industry.

      She offers a full range of PCB products such as single-sided,double-sided and multiplayer pcbs using normal and exotic materials for serving a variety of market applications.It is to provide the best service and highest quality of products to its customers,including computer,security┬ásystems,gaming/lottery,telecommunications, Medical, Automotive and Defense R&D etc. Almost 35% of JCPCB's finished products are exported overseas to countries such as U.S.A, Canada, Australia,Japan, Europe and Southeast Asia etc.
      Production monthly capacity is 25,000 square meters with a long term planning to build up to 40,000 square meter per month in the next few years.

      As a leading pcb manufacturer, we are committed to provide the best quality and efficiency at the most competitive prices to our customers.