file we are needing : gerber,protel,powerpcb,outocad,orcad or board etc
Base material
Base material : CEM-1, CEM-3, FR4, Al;
Thickness of the finished product : 0.4mm-4.0mm(15.75mil-157.5mil)
Thickness tolerance : +/-0.1mm(4mil)
The max dimension of the panel : 800mm*1500mm(31496mil*59055mil)
Permitivity : ε= 2.1-10.0
The max layers : 16 layers
The minimum conductor width/spacing : 0.1mm(4mil)
The tolerance of conductor width : <+/-20%
Hole :
The tolerance of hole diameter(PTH) : +/-0.075mm(3mil)
The tolerance of hole diameter(NPTH) : +/-0.05mm(2mil)
The minimum hole diameter of The
Finished Product (CNC)
Finished Product (pushed)
: 0.25mm(10mil)
Plated layer
Pltated type : flash gold,hard gold,immension nickel/gold,,HAL,OSP
Copper average thickness of the hole wall(PTH) : 18-25um(0.71mil-0.99mil)
Thickness of nickel /Gold Finger : Nickel :>2.5m, Gold :>0.05m
Thickness of flash gold PCB : Nickel :>5m,Gold :>0.05m
Thickness of hot air solder leveling : 3-38μm(0.1181mil-1.5mil)
coating color : green,white,red,yellow,black,blue
Coating thickness over conductors and the laminate : 10-30μm(0.4-1.2mil)
Coating rigidity : >5H
Solder mask plug via size : 0.3-0.8mm(11.81mil-31.5mil)
Profile tolerance : +/-0.15mm(5.91mil)
Distance between v-cut and copper edges
: 0.5mm(20mil)
Deepness tolerance of bevel edge : 0.6-1.6mm:+/-0.1mm(4mil)
Warp-twist : 〈 1%
Pull strength : 1.5N/mm(59N/mil)
E-Test voltage : 10-150V
The most frequent test points : 8192
Open / Short resistance : 10Ω / 10KΩ-20MΩ
Thermal stress : 288℃,10 sec 3 times