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      In order to assure the best quality,we do everything with the IPC、GB、MIL、PERFAG etc,We treat the best quality standard as our JCPCB's life. specifications within the ISO9002 and QS9000 quality system;All of our products meet the UL Standards;

  • ● quality guideline:quality first
  •  customer satisfaction
  •  continuous improvement
  • ● quality goal :passed double-side PCB:99.98%
  •  passed multiplayer PCB :98.88%
  •     We strive the best to fulfill your request:
  •             zero error and flawless product
  • ● time to solve problems in PCB when customer tell:
  •  A、 response to customer's inquiry:2 hours
  •  B、 solve problems :2 days
  •       Quality is our promise, so that every piece of PCB from JCPCB could reach the international standard.